Career Coaching

“Figure out what you want your life to look like first, then come up with

ways to generate income—hopefully that you enjoy—that will allow you

to have as much of that life as possible.” Valerie Young, Changing Course


I offer a personalized approach to career counseling or as some prefer to call it-lifestyle redesign. I partner with you and guide you through a process of defining a realistic lifestyle and brainstorming income generating ideas to live that life. Those income generating ideas are based on your interests, talents, and passions.  For some that means a job change, for others it’s a part time income stream, and yet for others it’s entrepreneurship.

Who I Work With

I work with anyone who is not currently fulfilled with their work or their lifestyle that is based on their work schedule.  I work with people who are interested in making their work fit around their life’s schedule.  It is the person who feels stuck in a soul crushing job and daydreams of freedom or doing something different. It’s the person who is not interested in working for someone else or isn’t interested in the jobs available to them.  It’s the millennial who doesn’t want to be chained to a 9-5 job in the rat race for their entire career.  It’s the person who wants more flexibility in their schedules.  It’s the person who can’t find a job that suits them…i.e. interests, temperment, lifestyle. It’s the person who has had the 8 to late cubicle life and wants something different. It’s the free lancer looking for other streams of income.

If you are burnt out in your career, want more flexibility, reject the cubicle life, or the 8 to late lifestyle, or need income generating ideas then I work with YOU.

Call me at 562-619-9700, I offer free 20 minute phone consults.

Why Work With Me?

Due to life circumstances, I learned early on, I would have to be creative and go after what I needed and wanted.  That led to many financial endeavors pursued outside my 9-5 job.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have spent 20 years helping individuals and families by offering a non-judgemental place to express themselves, provided feedback, brainstorm ideas, assisted in problem solving, and decision making.  When appropriate, I’ve challenged them and held them accountable.  I’ve connected them to necessary resources.  I can do the same for you.  I can help you to brainstorm and clarify your avenues to living the lifestyle you desire. I can help you problem solve roadblocks, change self limiting beliefs and tap into your strengths and interests. I can provide you resources to point you in the direction that you want to go.  I can provide encouragement, accountability, and support.  My experience as a clinician and a case manager responsible for linking people to the appropriate resources makes me uniquely qualified to help you.  Not only am I a creative resourceful problem solver, I am practical. I offer practical resources and solutions.

My Guarantee

You will walk away with at least one viable option and next action steps to pursue.  I can not guarantee that you will land the perfect job or be a successful entrepreneur or do it within the time frame that you desire. That is entirely up to you, but I will do what I can to help you along the way.