Kathleen Villagomez
Kathleen Villagomez

My Mission

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Professional Life Coach. My mission is to assist others to achieve the best version of themselves, so that they may create more satisfying lives.  I  offer a compassionate and non-judgmental space for individuals to heal from past wounds, stop self-defeating and self-destructive patterns, increase self-awareness so that they may express themselves and make progress in their lives.

Why the name Opus?

The musical term “opus” resonated with me because it refers to a creative work. It especially refers to a musical composition numbered to designate the order of a composer’s works. In other words it refers to a “work in progress”. Typically more than one draft is written before a masterpiece is created.  And what is true for great music, so too is true for the human experience. We are all “works in progress” and can grow and change to create more satisfying lives, our own masterpieces.

My Experience

I have worked for public agencies as well as private mental health practices.  I have over 15 years of experience helping children and their families with a range of struggles including trauma related to child abuse/neglect, depression, anxiety, fears, ambivalence, loss, troubled teens, and uncertainties about direction in life. I’ve also been privileged to work with LGBTQ adolescents and adults with issues related and unrelated to being part of the LGBTQ community. I can offer the personal understanding and perspective of the issues affecting our community.

My Style

I am a down-to-earth pragmatic person offering you an opportunity to sit and talk in a safe and comfortable space.  Together we can travel down your road to wellness. It is different for everybody and maybe your path is not quite clear right now. That’s okay. We can figure it out.  If past attempts haven’t quite worked out, perhaps it time to try anew.

I understand that finding the right match is important.  I  encourage you to continue to take action and call me for a consultation